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EasyDNA constantly looks for ways to help those causes we believe in.

View our work with charities and NGOs.

trukgaw1The Children’s Book Bank is a Toronto based charity that offers free literacy equipment for those from an underprivileged background. They aim to provide reading material for children from birth to twelve years old. In a world where most of us take simple things such as the ability to read for granted it is refreshing to see a group of people working hard to give those from a poor background the chance to read and further themselves.

We donated £250 towards the purchase of new reading materials for the bookstore because we truly believed in the cause. Everyone, no matter where you come from, should have the right to read.

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trukgaw1Safer Internet Centre offer a multitude or resources to encourage the responsible and safe use of technology. The charity has three main sectors; an awareness centre; a helpline; and a hotline all in which try to reduce criminal activity whilst online and a place to call if you are confused or suspect such undertakings to be occurring.

We at EasyDNA wanted to support such a cause in an age where the internet is expanding faster than ever before, so we have tasked ourselves with raising awareness of the Safer Internet Day (SID) through our social media accounts. We hope to increase the reach of such an important prevalent issue and help those already experiencing it.

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trukgaw1LauraLynn is an Ireland base children’s hospice dedicated to the care of those with life-limiting conditions. The sole aim of the organisation is to improve the palliative care of the children staying at the hospice and their families. Founded in 1925 they have recently opened LauraLynn Home a service that provides the same incredibly high standards their patients are used to but in the comfort of the child’s own home.

We wanted to try our best help in any way we could. So we contributed towards the purchasing of new mattresses and also the funds for the children’s birthdays to make sure on their special day they can have as much fun as possible and enjoy their life to the fullest.

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