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EasyDNA offers clients the option to include an electropherogram with their DNA test results. An electrogpherogram is a graphical representation of the raw data from one’s DNA sequence and is unique to every individual. EasyDNA offers electropherograms with all DNA tests available as an added service.

Electropherogram Imaging

With EasyDNA Singapore you can now own a copy of your very own electropherogram image. This is a unique way of representing your profile/ unique genetic blueprint. We offer electropherogram images with many different types of DNA testing services we offer. You will receive your electropherogram with your results.

The electropherogram image is graphical depiction of your DNA sequencing which we obtain during analysis in our laboratory. Just like your DNA, each electropherogram is unique to the individual.

A typical electropherogram with EasyDNA can be obtained from these tests

  • Genetic fingerprinting
  • Genealogy testing (family tree)
  • Paternity/Maternity tests

Electropherogram Sample Result


Electropherograms are a type of graph that represents the relative fluorescence of the DNA samples. What you will see is much like graphs used to plot seismic movements. Different colours are used to represent the size of different DNA units. The graphs will show the low troughs and the high, sharp peaks.

The graph is derived by the fluorescent dyes which are used during analysis using a procedure called gel electrophoresis.

To see an example image of an electropherogram provided by EasyDNA, simply click here. The image presented is an example image as each person’s electropherogram image may differ.

Where can I buy my electropherogram image?

EasyDNA has streamlined the ordering procedure making is simple to order your electropherogram image. Upon ordering a DNA test on our easy-to-navigate website, you simply need to select the additional option to purchase your electropherogram image- you will find this on our order page. Electropherogram imaging will be processed along with your test and delivered directly to you. The additional price for the electropherogram image is  per test result (this is a fixed cost and included the electropherogram for all people whose DNA was analyzed in the test).

All electropherogram images are provided as image attachments via email but are also available as hard copies. Hard copies will be sent out following your results by email and will take a couple of working days to arrive.

I already ordered. Can I still get my electropherogram?

As long as your DNA tests were performed by an EasyDNA laboratory, your electropherogram is still available for purchase. If your testing has been completed and you would like more information on how to purchase your unique DNA sequence in an electropherogram image, simply contact us via email at

If you have done your DNA test with us and a period of 3 months has elapsed since the test, a reactivation fee may also be applied.