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Discreet Test

There may be cases where it is not possible to obtain the DNA samples to perform a DNA test through the standard oral swab that is provided with our DNA testing kit. In such situations, EasyDNA offers a state of the art DNA forensic testing service that is able to process different discreet DNA samples in order to obtain a usable DNA sample.“Not Available in conjunction with Express Testing.”

Discreet DNA testing services

Once the DNA profile is obtained from the discreet sample provided, it can be used for our standard paternity test, as well as for our other range of DNA tests. Please review our list of discreet samples below to obtain more information  about the samples you may want to submit. The list also includes the additional cost and the DNA extraction success rate per sample. For further information you may also read our Guidelines and Terms.


The cost of every additional discreet sample used is to be added to the standard cost of the test. Kindly always note the success rate. Whilst we do have a very strong track record of successful DNA profile extraction with such samples, we cannot guarantee that the extraction will be successful. We always suggest contacting us as we can tell you more about the chances of success once we have assessed your sample thoroughly.

For more general information about our discreet DNA testing services, please visit our frequently asked questions section.