Christmas is round the corner – Need ideas for the perfect gift?

Finding the right present can be very challenging, especially when your loved one seems to have it all! easyDNA has ideal solutions for fun, memorable and completely unique gifts. Did you know that your DNA holds a vast wealth of knowledge that can be used to discover more about your past or even your future? Here are some great ideas that make wonderful Christmas or Birthday presents:

  • For the History Lover: Ancestry DNA testing allows you to discover your bloodline history dating back thousands of years! With just a simple mouth swab, your DNA profile is used to make connections with known historic populations and various anthropological regions around the globe. Tap into fascinating information and learn more about your ancestors’ movements throughout the ages and which haplogroup they belonged to. Three ancestry services available: Ancestral Origins, Maternal Lineage or Paternal Lineage.
  • For the Art Buff: Imagine a custom made design created using your very own genetic code! Using the DNA profile extracted from an oral swab sample a personalised DNA art piece is created, customisable by colour, media and size. It doesn’t get any better than this!
  • For the health conscious: EasyDNA’s Genetic Predisposition Health test for disease. This innovative test allows the participant to take control of their health by discovering their genetic risk towards over 25 different conditions and diseases. By finding out which disease/s you are at a high risk towards developing, you can take steps such as improved health and lifestyle choices, implementing an exercise plan, as well as more regular health screening for certain conditions.

Giving one of these gifts is easy, all you need to do is contact easyDNA, place your order and a DNA home testing kit will be sent directly to the recipient. Make this Christmas gift a truly imaginative one by giving your loved one the gift of knowledge.