DNA Testing – Importance for Foundlings and Abandoned Children

For the thousands of children abandoned every year, DNA testing can now be the vital tool in helping them solve their identity questions.

Most children grow up knowing basic information about their family’s history. A mother’s maiden name, a father’s profession, a grandmother’s eye colour; these are all basic facts, but for most foundlings these can prove impossible to know, until now.

Since the discovery of the DNA test some 50 years ago, DNA testing has come forward in leaps and bounds. The accessibility of DNA tests and the worldwide exposure it has received through media and entertainment channels, means that people no longer have to remain in the dark about their family origins and identity. With more and more people using DNA testing, what does this mean for foundlings?

DNA Testing for abandoned children

Children that have been abandoned as babies have many issues to deal with. As well as justified feelings of abandonment and rejection, there are questions over identity and origin. Today, however, a DNA test can be the first step in identifying a foundling’s origins.

For the thousands of foundlings searching for their identity and biological parents, years of following up on clues can now be ended through a simple DNA test, which can prove to be the vital missing link in their search.

An End to Identity Questions

Regardless of the reasons for abandonment, and the circumstances with which a foundling is raised, most abandoned children will want answers to their questions on their family history, origins and identity. Studies have shown that even foundlings raised in happy and secure families have searched for their biological parents, be it for medical or emotional reasons. Every human being has the right to feel complete and the knowledge of your origins and family history plays a big part in defining who you are.

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