Justin Bieber may still take the paternity test

Teen pop sensation Justin Bieber is in trouble these days. A paternity test lawsuit was filed by a girl named Mariah Yeater filed last week, claiming that a long-tryst between the two lead to the birth of her 4 month old child. Even though the lawsuit has been dismissed, yet Justin might take the paternity test. This test will be undertaken by Justin to prove his fans that he is not the father of the child.

A fortnight ago, Yeater, age 20 had filed a lawsuit against Bieber demanding child support. She alleged that she was a huge fan of Bieber and had met him during October in Los Angeles at the backstage of his concert. She also stated that they both were mutually attracted and Justin pursued her to meet him alone. But Justin dismissed her claims and stated that he never met her.

He is inclined towards adopting the paternity test to prove that he has nothing to do with the birth of Yeater’s 4 month old son. But his lawyers have also made it clear that if Bieber is not the father, then he would file a case against Yeater for ruining his public image.

Even though, the lawsuit is apparently dismissed, yet Justin has to face public wrath, which can ruin his ’sweet, teen idol’ image. At the same time the death threats are worrying Bieber and his associates. Therefore, there is a speculation that Bieber may go in for a paternity test to prove his innocence to his fans.

The paternity test is based on DNA testing that uses genetic fingerprinting to know if a biological relationship of parent-child exists between two people. This paternity test would be used as a genetic tool to prove whether Bieber is the father of the child. This genetic testing is the most reliable method to determine whether Bieber is the father of Yeater’s child. In case, the test proves Bieber to be the father, then the teen pop sensation might have need to provide alimony.

Meanwhile, Chicago based paternity lawyer Jeffrey Leving is reviewing his strategies to protect his client Justin Bieber and is threatening a legal action against Yeater. He is also trying that a judge orders a DNA test so that the test’s reliability is ensured. But right now, Justin or any of his team members have refused to comment on this issue. It appears that Justin’s silence will do all the talking. His fans are dying to know what will happen next!