Paternity Testing in Bangladesh

EasyDNA now offers paternity testing services to Bangladesh. There are several tests available including relationship DNA tests, paternity tests and DNA testing with forensic DNA samples.

Chances are that the test you will need is a DNA paternity test. This test is by far the most accurate test when one wishes to determine the paternity of a child. The test can be done for peace of mind or for legal purposes; depending on your circumstances and what you need to do with the results, easyDNA Philippines can advise you regarding the test you will require.

In instances in which the alleged father is not available for the test there are other tests that can be done. Testing the father’s parents with their grandchildren is a good way of knowing whether the father of the grandchild is the real biological father of that child. Siblings can do a sibling test, an X chromosome test or a Y chromosome test to know whether they share the same father; which of these three tests to choose depends on the sex of the people taking part.

Aunt/ uncle testing with their niece or nephew are also possible as is testing with forensic samples such as finger nails, blood, semen or hairs.

You are now able to have the paternity testing service in the Philippines, with DNA testing in an accredited lab.