DNA becomes Art in a New Mode of Expressing Genetic Profiles

DNA art is an art portrait that is created using your very own unique DNA, Deoxyribonucleic acid. Your DNA is the genetic information found inside every single cell in your body and it is unique to you. DNA art shows a picture using your genetic information from your chromosomes. Every chromosome is basically made up of thousands of genes you inherited from each of your parents. These genes instruct your body and cells on what to do and how to behave according to your unique genetic makeup.

DNA art can be made by different scientific companies that specialize in this form of art. In most cases, they send you a sampling kit that you use to swab your mouth or include some kind of blood, tissue or hair samples from which they extract your own DNA code. From this code they create a beautiful piece of art that displays your DNA and genes in an artistic format or portrait. After ordering, you will be sent a home kit with which you can swab and collect your own DNA sample, after which you send it back to the company who will then begin creating your own DNA art masterpiece.

How are my genes transformed into pictures?

To isolate your DNA from your sample, the company performs a chemical process called DNA isolation. This process allows the company to extract the DNA from your sample and purify it using molecular and biological techniques. They amplify your DNA which results in thousands of identical copies to be made from your purified sample. These copies are put through a gel grid and all of your separate strands of DNA move through the gel according to size. An electrical current is run through the gel to help the DNA pieces move to their final place. The smaller sized pieces run through the gel at a much faster rate than the larger pieces and this is what makes up the unique pattern of your DNA art. Once they’re done moving in the grid they are set in place. This creates your DNA pattern and DNA art. The resulting piece of art is beautiful and is a visual representation of you and the genetic material from which you are made of.

DNA art is an amazing form of artistic expression. Anyone can have one of these genetic portraits made. It’s an extremely simple process once you find a reputable company to assist you. The technical name for this is DNA gel imaging and the cost of having your own portrait done can range anywhere from two hundred dollars up to two thousand dollars, depending on the company you choose and the type of portrait you’d like to have. Various companies offer mini portraits, professionally framed portraits and various extras can be added on at additional costs.

DNA art is a fabulous technological and artistic process. You now have the ability to be in possession of your very own genetic map framed upon your wall. This is definitely a unique piece of art that no one else could ever own or create.